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Jim SmithOwner and operator of Smith Designs since 2000. Jim Smith has a wide range of airbrushing, pin striping, custom painting as well as body work experience. Jim eats, sleeps and breaths his passion in painting.

Jim grew up in Southern California most of his childhood, although; while traveling a lot as a child with his family, he was always interested in seeing all of the different art work and would admire the talent and creativity of other artist.

Jim knew by the age of 6 he wanted to become an artist, when he then began drawing cartoon characters of his teachers and classmates; which in turn got him in a lot of trouble, but who didn’t get in trouble a that age. (laughs)

Right out of high-school Jim attended The Disney art institute and enjoyed it , but; then realized it was not custom enough for him and he wanted to paint things that pertained more to the things he himself was into. Jim’s passion along with art has always been Harley’s, off road cars, golf carts, sand rails, boats; all things that create a mad thrill!

Jim’s work has been seen being worn or rode by many of the Rockstar Energy athletes, such as Brian Deegan, Seth Enslow, Twitch, Jimmy Fitzpatrick, Todd Potter, Ronnie Faisst as well as two time Olympic gold medalist Maris Stromberg’s helmets and bmx bikes. Jim’s fantastic custom work has been on the front page of the Sand Sports Magazine as well as Sand Obsession calendars.

Jim is an extremely diverse artist and is always thinking outside the box and creating new designs and his customers satisfaction is always his absolute #1 goal. If you’ve got something you want painted and paint will stick to it Jim with Smith Designs is your man!

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